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Swagg Man - F**kin Tonight

  • Nouveau clip de Swagg Man Fuckin Tonight.
    Available on itunes : itun.es/fr/ASBS6
    Instagram : instagram.com/TheSwaggManTV
    e-mail : swaggman.contact@gmail.com
    Beat by Dashius Clay : @DashiusClay
    Song Writer by Houstin Valor : @HoustinValor
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    Instagram : instagram.com/TheSwaggManTV
    Twitter : twitter.com/TheSwaggManTV
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    Swagg Man is an independent artist, his music Label is S.W.M Entertainment.
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    Music by Swagg Man, performing F**kin Tonight. (C) 2015 S.W.M Entertainment
    LYRICS :
    (First verse)
    This is something that you can't anticipate
    Let it sit up on the stove let it resonate
    Court side pool side in the cloriene
    Fuck a cigarette man i need more weed
    Drinkin , sake bombs got Versace on....
    Sex in the morning where do you belong ?
    Put my shoes on in the morning like I'm
    mr Rogers
    Watching scarface
    Eatin Kenny Rogers
    (Pre hook)
    I been spending money all week
    I been smokin all that weed
    I been sippin on that lean
    You can put the cash on me
    Put the cash on me
    Never got the gas on e
    You can put the cash on me
    Got dammit I said it if you want me
    Are we fuckin tonight
    Are we fuckin tonight
    [2nd verse]
    Touchin your body girl if you want me just say it
    Up on your body girl if you want I can play it
    and if you want lovin lets smoke this
    Weed n get faded
    I jump in your body and now your callin me baby
    Ride it like a nascar
    Now you wanna fuck to a fast song
    Now you want the kisses and the hugs
    But I ain't got time for the love
    It's time for some lights camera action
    I'm lookin for a one night attraction
    Take ya time just show me the direction
    I'm lookin for some good satisfaction

    Category : Rap