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Whenever You're Lonely - @MrVegasMusic - MV Music 2013

  • From Sweet Jamaica and recorded on the Suriname Rhythm, MV Music presents "Whenever You're Lonely" performed by international artiste, Mr Vegas.Music Video credits: Filmed in the city of lights and love, Paris, March 2013 Mr Vegas starring the beautiful Sara ParissDirected by : Ti Studio, FranceEdited by: MKL Productions, FranceDancers: Lady Glam , A ni mal, Steddy, Lionel , Julie C., Mathilda, Quentin, Queensy , M'Dy, Julie M., Sunny, Amad, Jahnyss, NriK, Déborah, Danc'ei, Pypilah, Jeyss, KenyshaLyricsWe been together baby for a very long time All kinda weather, rain and the sunshine Now we reach another mountain and everything, all come falling, all come tumbling down So many people try play we destiny and faith But dem fi know sah this a love, this a nuh time fi hate Now we reach another level and everything, all come falling , all come crashing. We build a life together We look out for each other Like ocean on a river We run to one another They can't stop Nothing can stop wi They can't stop Nubody can't stop wi So many people want wi fall dem wah fi Si wi fail Put a bag a obstacle all along We love way Dem can't stop wi Nobody cah stop wi They can stop wi Nothing can't stop wi now (Chorus) Whenever you're lonely And you need me Call on me And I'll be there wo oh We like a pen to a letter And I'm not leaving you My one and only, when you need me, call on me and I'll be there, wo oh Baby we belong together And I'm not leaving you.... For so long I dreamt of being here by your side Down on my knees asking you to be my bride Still Nuff a dem a run a come a bag a lies All come falling all come crashing Mi Neva know say all weh friends a turn wi enemies Dem full a so much envy and jealousy Can't believe say them want this love fi disconnect All come falling all come crashing Looking at you is like staring in the mirror When the rain fall girl l'll be your umbrellaWriters: Clifford Smith, Indra Rudder

    Category : Ragga / Dancehall